Dear Friends,

As India warmed up to Holi celebration, we have IPL in full swing and the upcoming Lok Sabha elections that are increasing the excitement. As part of the Alum activities, Holi celebrations are on the roll. It is a good way to catch up again with some colours and fun.

Here is the action that’s happening on Holi get togethers

  • 16th March Noida, NCR

  • 30th March West coast Contact person Sameer Behere

  • 30th March Bangalore Contact person Umesh Joshi

  • 7th April East coast Contact person Ratan Bajpai

Do see if you all can make it in your location

SEE | Care for Air on 10th Jan at IIT Kanpur

The engagement started early this year with the first event being SEE on Air Pollution. This was coupled along with the Reunion of 1969 -74 batch. Coordinated by Jatin Vasandani, it was a refreshing way to add the social perspective by the whole batch along with their families. It was supported By Prof. Sachidanand Tripathi and was strengthened with the participation of Prof. K. Vijayraghavan. The following perspectives emerged as action points and groups to work on

  • Sensors and data capture

  • Indoor pollution

  • Waste & crop burning

  • Industrial pollution

  • Vehicle pollution

  • Build a few knowledge areas

SMC | Now & Future on 2nd & 3rd Feb at IIT Kanpur

Build around pulling the incubation center members, eCell students, startups, and entrepreneurs around Kanpur, this event focused on four themes that covered the following

  • Aerospace and defence

  • Cyber security

  • Future of transportation

  • Health-tech & Agriculture

Led by Amit Tiwari from Kanpur chapter and supported by eCell team comprising Aman, Mukund Vivek with 20 supportive eCell members, Alumni office team, they pulled off event exceeding 900 attendees over 2 days. Members from West coast, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore joined or attended the event. Anil Srivastava on behalf of Niti Aayog and Prof. Phani from IIT Kanpur signed the MOU with Niti Aayog to further strengthen outreach with SMC.

Interaction of Alums and the Institute

As part of the event on 1st Feb, we also had a discussion with Prof. Karandikar and the faculty members. The work and activities along with the Institute shall comprise the following

  • Diamond Jubilee celebration

  • Industry-academia connect

  • Interactions with the government

  • Competence areas with the institute

  • Incubation center

  • Research center

  • Fund raise for the institute

  • Advisory board for the institute

Prof. Bandopadhyay is the head of the incubation center and Prof. Awinash Agarwal is leading the Research center activities. All interested members can directly interface with the professors. IIT Kanpur has 10 key areas of strong competencies and the document in this aspect shall be shared by the Director Prof. Karandikar with the Alums on the way ahead. As a follow-up, there was a conference call with the West Coast chapter on the 1st March along with Prof. Karandikar. We agreed on the following areas in the call

  • Diamond Jubilee celebration in 6 locations

    • Two in the US and IITK Foundation shall define and lead the organization working with US chapters

    • Four locations in India namely Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai

  • Continue to strength outreach and engagement through our local chapters and standard events like Startup master class (SMC) and Social Entrepreneurs & Enterprises (SEE)

  • Build collaborative areas with Government, industry, and Academia

  • Strengthen the fund raise by requests to the individuals, entrepreneurs, Industry, CSR initiatives & the government

  • Mentoring process as part of the Golden Gate bridge and execution

  • The Diamond Jubilee teams to be defined by each location

WIN (Women Inspired network)

WIN group of our alumna has crossed 130 members and has been one of the more active groups. Led by Smita Hashim, the following activities have been organized

  • Weekly calls

  • Friday questions

  • Local meet-ups

  • Women panel on 8th March at IITK as part of Teckriti

  • Keynote from Anjali Joshi as part of Women day at Techkriti

The planned events continue

  • 1st March Workshop on Waste Water by Bhattarai on his visit to Bangalore

  • Monthly meets organized by Pankaj Mittal & Vinay Agarwal for all IITs at Gurgaon & Noida

  • Sports meet organized by Anurag Goel at Greater Noida for PAN IIT

  • 6th April SMC at Delhi. Organized by Delhi team lead by Sunil Singhal and Rohit Dhawan it promises to be an exciting event. Do look up and join us

  • SMC proposed at Mumbai in May

  • 15th June, SEE at Pune

  • 17th Aug, SMC at Singapore

While these activities continue do propose your interest and participation, do write to Sanjay at or Pankaj at


Pradeep Bhargava President, AA IIT Kanpur

Dear Friends,

Wish you all a Happy New year and welcome to the first update on behalf of the new BOD team. The planning and the activities picked up right from the start and the intent to create much larger engagement of our Alums also were kicked off. Let me outline the activities at the institute before we plunge in the Shape of the things to come for our Alums

Activities at the Institute

  1. 2nd Nov Foundation Day, It marked the beginning of the Diamond jubilee year and we have a lot to look forward to planned action during the year

  2. Distinguished Alums Congratulations once again to all the winners

  3. Students ran into the next endsems and the placement season took off. I am happy to share the IIT Kanpur did very well with 990 placements and racing to the top among all IIT’s in the percentage of placements

  4. This Inter IIT was organized in the scenic campus of IIT Guwahati and IIT Delhi emerged as winners for the General Championship.

  5. Reunions of the batches

Oasis of excellence

We are together with the institute are now beginning to re assert ourselves as the Oasis of Excellence. A great performance at the placement, IIT also leads the maximum number of scientific awards and continued work on building the scientific temper. 39 out of 70 Awardees are Shanti Swarup Award winners and 15 out of 122 Swarna Jayanti Fellowships.

Incubation centre is also creating its own efforts in building research, innovation and entrepreneurship. One of the founders won the UN award in the Sustainable Development goals. Higher level of faculty, research and student participation is on the cards has begun.

Shape of things to come

There are plans and plan where execution has begun. I am happy to share the various areas where we have channelized the energy of the Alums in joined efforts across the cities

  • Flagship professional events

    They continue to cruise at a good pace. So far 7500 participants have attended the events across various cities. Events now move to market opportunity perspective, with the large base of alums getting involved across more cities

    • Startup Master Class (SMC) City wise plan shall be shared based on local participation

    • Social Entrepreneurs & Enterprises (SEE) City wise plan shall be shared

    • Diamond Jubilee Key location in India and outside to be finalized

  • Dolphin Tank ( Mentor Pool )

    This is about building the pool of mentors from our Alums and who shall then provide mentoring for a start and potential formal engagement in the future. Some of the stakeholders who are keen to take the benefit of these mentoring include

    • eCell @ IITK

    • SMC Select & SEE Innovations

    • Incubation center members

    • State wise engagement and their startups

  • Entrepreneur in Residence

    Arising from the fact that we need to get more of our UG’s to do the startup. The proposal is put to provide a scholarship of 30K / month for 10 months. It is to provide a fellowship following the approval of the idea to be worked on. We are looking at a potential of 50 such sponsorships in 2019. The first set of milestones need to be arrived at SMC Central at IITK on 2nd & 3rd Feb 19

  • Industry PlugIn

    Getting the think to contribute and engage in improving the industry connect with the institute. Various possibilities may be proposed, and we shall connect you to the right faculty responsible

    • Challenges

    • Hackathon

    • Grants for Labs, Product, Awareness, Usage

    • Competence Centres

  • Cross border initiatives

    Golden gate bridge with 41 mentors, 24 startups in phase 1 has regular calls planned every month. Discussions on IITK faculty exchange has been initiated and the WIN group now with more than 120 members will have the first monthly coffee breakout session on 17th Jan

    • GGB

    • Faculty exchange

    • Women Inspired network

  • Govt Policy & Inputs

    A running dialog with the give at the central level is planned and there are first fee thoughts how the engagement shall shape up in the new year

    • CXO meet is proposed on Feb 19, to propose and interact with key govt officials

    • Department wise engagement. It’s a continuous engagement planned, and we shall look at more Alums from Delhi for ensuring continuity

  • Alum contributions to the Institute

    As individuals, we may find our own sweet spot to support and participate in one of the various engagements planned

    • Participation and strengthening the current initiatives above

    • Project based support, Internship, recruitment

    • Endowment fund

Activities across the chapters (Executed and Planned)

  • Bangalore

    • 23rd Oct Talk by Ajeet Singh, Founder Thoughtspot

    • 25th Oct Nasscom Product Conclave, AA IITK was the partner

    • 29th Oct IOT Next, IESA Tie event, AA IITK was the partner

    • 17th Nov Diwali Dhamaka

    • 8th Dec SMC | Next Billion Users

    • Monthly Bulletproof your Startup Workshops

  • Delhi
    • 27th Oct Conference on Smart City

    • 6th Apr SMC | NCR team

  • East coast

    • 27th Oct Talk by Gopa Kumar

  • Gurgaon

    • Monthly PAN IIT meetings

  • IIT Kanpur

    • 6th Oct SEE | Healthcare & Waste management

    • 10th Jan SEE | Care for Air

    • 2nd & 3rd Feb SMC | Now & Future

  • Noida

    • 10th Nov Diwali Dhamaka

    • 1st Dec Annual Chaat Party & Startup Showcase

    • Regular Monthly Meetings

  • Patna

    • 13th Oct SMC | Dream Dare Do

  • Singapore

    • 16th Mar SMC | Destination South East

  • West Coast

    • 10th Nov Diwali Dhamaka


    Congratulations to Prof. Prabhat Hajela for being nominated on the PAN IIT USA Board. He is the IIT Kanpur representative on the PAN IIT USA

  • PAN IIT India

    PAN IIT India has bi-annual conclave organized on the 19th, 20th of Jan 19

We look forward to your interest and participation in the activities that we are proposing and organizing as part of the Alum Association. Do fill in the following form. Form


Pradeep Bhargava
President, AA IIT Kanpur
+ 91 99 45 777 200

Dear Friends,

In the year so far, it has been a rapidly flowing schedule of professional activities completed led by AA IIT Kanpur.

We had started our last sprint Social Entrepreneurs & Enterprises (SEE) event in Nov last year, I am happy to share the flow and the planned programs as well.

Date Particular

Nov 11th, 2017

Decoding Agriculture, SEE at Bangalore

Dec 9th, 2017

Realizing Dreams, Start up Master Class (SMC), Bangalore

Jan 27th, 2017

Talk with Arvind Krishna, Delhi Chapter Joint event with TiE

Jan 27th – 28th, 2018

Ode to Origins, SMC at IIT Kanpur

Feb 16th, 2018

Zero to One, SMC at Hyderabad

Apr 28th, 2018

Act or Perish, SEE Water at Bangalore

May 19th, 2018

Launch your Dreams, SMC Mumbai

Jul 7th , 2018

IITK Special Alumni Event in the Bay Area

These events and supported by participation of Chief Ministers of the State, these initiatives have put AA IITK in the leading space in the Alumni initiatives. I am also happy to share another collaboration initiative was launched this year. Its called IITK Golden Gate Bridge Idea initiated by Deepak Bhagat in June this year and it is led by the West Coast team along and has supporting team in India. They are building on the 24 Start ups that applied that applied in the first Phase from all over in the Cutting edge technology. We welcome such initiatives and participation.

This year the momentum has been building up faster and we intend to cover and capture more locations and touch a larger set of people. All Alums are welcome to participate in these events where they may like to get involved and add value. Few planned activities in the next weeks get kicked off by the following activities -

Date Particular

10th Sept 18

IIT Kanpur Social Enterprise Accelerator program
Equity funding of up to INR 30 lakh to top 5 start-ups under IIT Kanpur's INVENT program
Please apply here -

15th Sept 2018

SMC at Pune
Please register at

6th Oct 2018

SEE at IITK focusing on Healthcare & Waste Management

13th Oct 2018

SMC, Patna

24th Nov 2018

SMC, Mumbai

8th Dec 2018

SMC, Bangalore

10th Feb 2019

SEE at IITK focusing on Air & Water Pollution

2nd -3rd Feb 2019

Ode to Origins, SMC at IIT Kanpur

2nd Mar 2019

SMC at Hyderabad

16th Mar 2019

SMC at Singapore

Key areas of participation include -

1. Volunteering for the event and be part of the organizing team
2. Nominating the speaker in any of the area covering expertise, experience or innovation
3. Sponsor one or more tracks in the event

Look forward to you joining our regular set of events now in the location where its proposed so far.

You may write to - ,,


Pradeep Bhargava

Dear Friends,

Hope you all enjoyed Holi and the Holi Milan organized by your chapters. Last three months saw a whirlwind of activities with a large number of reunions and activities being organized across the chapter. The participation and the enthusiasm have been growing all along. It also provides us an early feel of the power of Alums. Let me share some of the activities that happened and those that are planned in the coming weeks.

Conducted Reunions:


Reunion - 1966 batch in the USA

18 Aug 2017 - 20 Aug 2017

Batch Coordinator - Jayant Kapatker


20th Year Reunion of the Batch of 1997

15 Dec 2017 - 17 Dec 2017

Batch Coordinator - Ashish Agarwal (97078/ME)


25th Year (SJR) Reunion of the Class of 1993

23 Dec 2017 - 26 Dec 2017

Batch Coordinators - Shashank Narain, Tushar Nene


15th year reunion of the Class of 2003

29 Dec 2017 - 1 Jan 2018

Batch Coordinator - Vipin Agarwal


30th Year Reunion of the Class of 1988

16 Feb 2018 - 18 Feb 2018

Batch Coordinator - Nishith Mohan


35th Year Reunion of the Class of 1983

24 Feb 2018 - 26 Feb 2018

Batch Coordinator - Sudhanshu Goel


40th Year Reunion of the Class of 1978 at Goa

3 Feb 2018 - 6 Feb 2018

Batch Coordinator - Vinay Agarwal


50th Year Reunion of the Class of 1968

9 Feb 2018 - 12 Feb 2018

Batch Coordinator - R. K. Agarwal


1989 Batch reunion at Jaipur

15 Dec 2017 - 17 Dec 2017

Batch Coordinator - Vivek Mudgil


50th Year Reunion of the Batch of 1968

9 Mar 2018 - 11 Mar 2018

Batch Coordinators - R. S. Agarwal, Ram Misra

Participating and commitments has been increasing. It was great to see Class of 2003 committing INR 1 Cr to the institute and 3 L for the Start up master class event. Class of 1983 also conducted seminar for the students and the incubate which is an extension of the work they to as Prime 83.

New teams at the chapter

Thanking the outgoing teams, we welcome the new executive teams at the respective chapter. The momentum and enthusiasm continues to build up.

West Coast

Namita Maunder and Sambit Behere as Co-President

East Coast

President-Ratan Bajpai, VP-Ashutosh Aman, Secy-Prashant Bhatt, Treasurer-Satya Agarwal


President-Umesh Joshi, VP-Shailesh Kumar, Secy-Prathamesh Kant, Treasurer-Hemant Sharma, J Secy-Vinay Garg

Congratulations to all the new executive team members at each chapter. Wish you all the best.

Activities completed

17 Nov 2017

West Coast

Diwali Dhamaka Fabulous skit was presented by IITK DD

11 Nov 2017

SEE Bangalore

Topic was Agriculture, Led by Kaushalendra, Deeksha and Paritosh, this event saw a full house at IIM B. Flawlessly executed it has awesome reviews from all who attended.

9 Dec 2017

SMC Bangalore

Realizing dreams was a multi track event where tech tracks like Block chain and AI saw a great pull. We believe these are the way to go.

27 Jan 2018


Event was planned along with TIE Delhi. Arvind Krishna impressed the audience. Great job by Delhi Chapter in setting this up in a short time.

27- 28 Jan 2018

SMC Kanpur

Ode to Origins - It saw 1300 attendees Many members contributed with energy and enthusiasm. It was one of the first cross batch, across location event, entirely driven by volunteers. Led by Kanpur Alum Ajay Trivedi for on ground work, it was supported by Vinay Garg, Ankit Surti, Himanshu Singh, Rajesh Gupta, Rakesh Sharma, JS Sharma, Gopal Suthawala eCell, Mayank Chauhan, Mihika Jain and SIDBI incubation centre and the teams. Dr. Ravi Sakhuja for curation of the excellent speakers. Special thanks to Prof. Manindra, Prof. Phani and the Alum speakers who made it from various locations in ensuring the event is a success.

17 Jan 2018

Outer Delhi

Various talks organized by experts on GST, Swachh Bharat.

25 Feb 2018


Family get together organized along with DoRA and reviving the good times.

17 Feb 2018

SMC Hyderabad

SMC at Hyderabad - Anil Srivastava, Niti Aayog was the Chief Guest and BVR Mohan Reddy the Key note. Great show by Sanjay Kuberkar, Satish Lunavath and team fur putting up an exciting and high powered event.

3 Mar 2018

West Coast

Holi Milan, good successful event and involved the handing over to the new team.

8 Mar 2018

West Coast

Start up warmer, more action to come in the next days.

10 Mar 2018


Holi Milan pulled more than 150 alums and members for a fun times.

10 Mar 2018


Holi Milan - A number of younger alums made it to the event and shall be part of the future activities.

11 Mar 2018

IIT Kanpur

Tips from the Top - "Career Guidance Sessions by our Esteemed Alumni" by Outreach Cell IIT Kanpur at Outreach Auditorium. Invited Speakers are Ram Behari Misra, Ashok Misra, Sudhir Kapur, Sudershan Kumar Banerjee, Saurabh Shrivastava, Satya P. Chauhan and Devasis Chowdhury.

Visit of IITK Faculty to meet Nepal Alumni

Prof. S. Kamle and Prof. Sanjay Mittal visit to Kathmandu from Feb 2-4 2018. They had a wonderful meeting with Prof. Timila Yami (earlier Dean in Tribhuvan university) and Nepal Alumni.

Participation from Alums

As Key technology partner for the government of UP, we invite proposals in the area of renewable energy, Waste management, Pollution control, Cyber Security, Medical Equipment’s for the initiatives led by IITK. Further, we invite the Alum to participate in mentoring the start ups from our Alums and Incubates in the incubation centre. Interested members may write to Dr Ravi Sakhuja or Prof Phani.

Deepak Bhagat has proposed building a bridge between the Silicon Valley and the IITK entrepreneurs. We appreciate the initiative and shall work to build this linkage.

New Director at IIT Kanpur

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Abhay Karandikar (MT/PhD/EE/1988/1995) has been appointed as the new Director of IIT Kanpur. Congratulations to you Prof. Karandikar.

Key planned activities

SMC (Start up Master Class) and SEE (Social Entrepreneurs and Enterprises) build up pace with participation from more chapters.

24-25 Mar 2018

Outer Delhi

Inter IIT Sports meet at Noida. Led by Anurag Goel and Damnish this is the first Inter IIT sports meet coming up. Please register and participate and sign up at

21 Apr 2018

East Coast

Holi Milan, The event will be in Central Jersey in one of the Indian restaurant's banquet hall.

28 Apr 2018


SEE Water Covering the sub topics like Water Purification, Conservation, Water sustainability these touch both the issues in the urban India and rural areas.

19 May 2018


SMC at Mumbai, work has started, all nomination for speakers are open.

15 Sep 2018


SMC at Pune - Building on the earlier events, Pune team is creating the next wave in bringing together and supporting our entrepreneurs.

18 Oct 2018


SEE Planned.

18 Nov 2018


Diwali Dhamaka, styled along the lines of bay area. Shailesh Kumar shall lead the show

18 Dec 2018


SMC Bangalore - Please plan to join the next events and be part of the interactions.


Pradeep Bhargava
President, AA IITK

Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year.

Distinguished Alumnus Award (DAA) & Satyendra K. Dubey Memorial Award (SDA)

The announcement of DAA and SDA awards have been done for this year. It was great to have a large number of nominations, the jury format was also modified to have a few members from outside to evaluate. Here is the list of winners for this year. Kindly click here to view more about Distinguished Alumnus Award & Awardees and Satyendra K. Dubey Memorial Award & Awardees.

Distinguished Alumnus Award

1. Prof. Rajeev Alur (BT/CSE/87) (Academic Excellence)

2. Mr. Rahul Gautam (BT/CHE/75) (Entrepreneurial Excellence)

3. Prof. Sangram Mudali (BT/ME/85) (Service of the Society at Large)

4. Ms. Anjali Joshi (BT/EE/81) (Professional & Management Excellence)

5. Prof. Anil K Jain (BT/EE/69) (Academic Excellence)

Satyendra K. Dubey Memorial Award

1. Vikas Kumar (BT/CE/97)

Congratulations to all the winners for being nominated and winning this top award from the Alumni. On the Foundation Day 2nd Nov the awards shall be formally been handed over. Request the winners to join the ceremony on the Foundation Day.


This year reunions have also gone a notch higher. We have had the following reunions planned for the year at the Institute-

Reunion Schedule Coordinators

1. 20th Year Reunion of the Batch of 1997, 15th to 17th Dec 2017

Mr. Ashish Agarwal

2. 25th Year (SJR) Reunion of the Class of 1993, 23th to 26th Dec 2017

Mr. Shashank Narain, Mr. Tushar Nene

3. 15th year reunion of the Class of 2003, 29th Dec to 1st Jan 2018

Mr. Vipin Agarwal, Mr. Sukamal Pegu, Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar, Mr. Preeti Sood, Mr. Prathmesh Kant

4. 30th Year Reunion of the Class of 1988, 16th to 18th Feb 2018

Mr. Nishith Mohan

5. 35th Year Reunion of the Class of 1983, 24th to 26th Feb 2018

Mr. Sudhanshu Goel, Mr. Sanjeev Maddila

6. 40th Year Reunion of the Class of 1978, 18th to 20th Feb 2018

Mr. Anil Gupta

7. 50th Year Reunion of the Class of 1968, 9th to 12th Feb 2018

Mr. R. S. Agarwal, Mr. Ram B.Misra

8. 50th Year Reunion of the Batch of 1968, 9th to 11th Mar 2018

Mr. R. K. Agarwal

Besides that few batches have planned additional get together

1989 Batch reunion at Jaipur, 15th to 17th Dec 2017

Batch Coordinator - Mr. Vivek Mudgil

Building internal collaborations and external collaborations

As Alumni Association we have to partner with other alumni association and the working together has been increasing and rewarding. We have been able to integrate and work together with PAN IIT, AA of IIT KGP, IIT G, IIT R, IIT D, IIT B and PAN IIM, IIMB and IIMA. ISB has also shown openness to collaborate and participate in joint activities. Some of the initiatives include joint events or programs and simple business model that meets the local Chapters understandings.

Ragging and concerns

There have been widespread discussions on the ragging and consequent action. Some of you may be aware that 22 students have been suspended for ragging that was not found acceptable. As Alum Association we do not support the ragging. Going ahead further awareness and preventive actions are proposed so that this does not happen again. Inputs and constructive feedback are welcome.

Funding and Fund set up

The endowment and the funds directed to specific projects may be reached out at
Click here to view Crowdfund and CSR options

Besides that specific initiatives or requests from Alumni may also be set up with the help of Alumni. This may be done in case of personal or family emergency. For example

Specific batches may come together to support an initiative and or fund start-ups. A Batch of 83 and 87 continue to do it in a formal manner.

July 1st 2017

Bangalore, Alum Institute Interaction

July 22nd 2017

Bangalore PAN IIT

Aug 4th2017

West Coast, Social Mixer

Aug 12th 2017

East Coast, NJ, Picnic

Aug 19th 2017

Delhi Booster Welcome for the young Alumni

Aug 26th 2017

West Coast, Gala Dinner

Sep 1st -3rd 2017

eCell, IITK, support as speakers at the event

Sep 9th 2017

Bulla, Outing to the farm, Bangalore

Sept 16th 2017

Start-up master class, Pune

Oct 13th 2017

Noida, Invent incubator led mentor and mentee interaction

At Bangalore, regular planned workshops led by Mr. Ravi Challu and programs on Social entrepreneurship by Ms. Deeksha Awasthi and Mr. Paritosh Segal are building up.

Activities planned in the next quarter

Oct 28th 2017, Bangalore

Diwali Bash Click here to register

Oct 29th 2017, Delhi

Diwali Dhamaka Click here to register

Nov 11th 2017, Bangalore

SEE Agriculture Click here to register

Nov 12th 2017, West Coast

Diwali Dhamaka Click here to register

Dec 9th 2017, Bangalore

SMC | Realizing dreams

Jan 27th-28th 2017, IITK

SMC Central. SMC central shall be organized at IIT Kanpur. This shall be the first. Its three key stakeholders include Alumni, IITK incubators and students from the ecell. Those who are interested in volunteering and may join as speakers may please send in your requests to Ajay Trivedi at and Vinay Garg at We expect around 800 members to attend the event. Look forward to you all joining us at IITK.

Feedback and inputs as expectation from Alumni association and the institute both are welcome at


Pradeep Bhargava
AA IIT K President
+91-99457 77200

Dear Friends,

Activities in action across the chapters

17th June

IIT Bay area leadership conference

6th June

10 workshops concluded. Monthly in Bangalore. 2 in Gurgaon

1st July

CXO Alum and IIT Interaction at Bangalore

16th July

Meet up at Mumbai

22nd July

PAN IIT meet on Start up and Standup India at Bangalore. 525 Members from All IIT joined us at Bangalore for the first multi-city event.
Simultaneous events were planned at Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai. Total participation was around 1100 members across the locations.

Rise of the Entrepreneur flavour

The pace has been picking up with increased participation from various chapters in India. This effort shall continue as it has also been identified as one of the areas that shall contribute to the employment, innovation and growth. So far the build up has been positive in the last one year and here are some of the areas -

  1. Incubation center

    1. SIIC, IIT Kanpur and with it & more Incubators
      Prime 83 from ’83 batch and ’87 batch have been supporting in a planned manner. We expect support from the other Alumni batches to intensify

    2. Satellite Centre at Bangalore, Delhi
      The documents have been submitted and we intend to start with the initial work in the next two months.

  2. Mentor Build up from the Alumni base

    1. Support to E-Cell

    2. Mentors listed with Incubatee in out Incubation centre. You may contact Ravi Sakhuja, Prof Phani

    3. Mentors for Start-ups in SMC and SEE. You may contact JS Sharma, Chand Das

  3. Workshops
    These may be planned and proposed by Alumni. We shall help conduct and organise these workshop or webinars both for interactions and exposure to the students or Alumni.

  4. Start up Master Class

    It allows our alumni learn, participate and present the best of themselves. The following locations shall be organizing the SMC in the next 6 months

    1. Pune, Sept 16

    2. Hyderabad

    3. Mumbai

    4. Delhi

    5. Bangalore

    6. SMC Central at IIT Kanpur

Alumni and Institute Interactions

This has been done before, however, on 1st July at Bangalore we followed a more structured approach. Prof Manna, Prof Maninder and Prof Phani joined the CXO For both a formal and informal interactions. The discussion focused on the following thought, both from the Institute and the Alumni contribution to the Institute -

  1. Marketing and PR

  2. Endowment Fund Support

  3. Sponsoring Projects or Competence Center at IITK

  4. Interaction with Students and Incubation center

  5. Workshops and SMC Central

We did discuss the ranking of the Institute, the perceived issues around the location, the choice of the new joiners as preferred Institute. Many of you have shared your concerns in the group mails and the FB group. There are some actions that have been identified and we may begin our efforts right away. We shall share the summary of the report and also share the link to take your feedback on each topic early next week. Look forward to your inputs.

Planned activities

Aug 4th

West Coast, Social Mixer

Aug 12th

East Coast, NJ, Picnic

Aug 19th

Delhi Booster Welcome for the young Alumni

Aug 26th

West Coast, Gala Dinner

Sept 9th

Bulla, Family Get together, Bangalore

Sept 16th

Start-up master class, Pune

Oct 7th

SEE Education, Event for K12 education, Bangalore

Feedback and inputs as expectation from Alumni association and the Institute both are welcome at -


Pradeep Bhargava
AA IITK President
+ 91-9945777200

Dear Friends,

Activities in action across the chapters

Jan – May

7 Workshops by Ravi Challu, 5 in Bangalore and 2 in Gurgaon

4th Mar

Social Enterprise event at Bangalore

18th - 19th Mar

Holi Milan event in outer Delhi, Pune, Bay Area and Bangalore

29th Apr

Bay Area, Social Mixer

6th May

Delhi Chapter, chaat party

Along with the Institute

Alumni Association Bangalore Chapter has instituted a 'Golden Jubilee Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation’ at IIT Kanpur, commemorating the Golden Jubilee of IITK. Led by our senior alumni Mr. Pawan Kumar and Mr. Sujith Kumar, it is now crystallized.

  • Internship/workshop program at IITK for children of alumni during summers/winter vacation -

    • Program contours under development proposed to be launched from next year.

    • A pilot project has been set up on the experimental basis for some Class XI students as interns for one month at IITK on the request of alumni.

  • Counselling for the aspirants who have cleared JEE -

    • Outreach cell is proposed in Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Lucknow. Chapter heads are requested to coordinate and facilitate.

    • Nikhil Vanjani (+917755057798) Overall Coordinator, Outreach Cell.

    • Kanishk Gandhi (+917755048005) Overall Coordinator, Outreach Cell.

  • Placement at IITK -

    • IITK had the best placement as per records in this placement season for the job. Credit goes to the placement team and also to many alumni who have been preferring IITK at the college of choice.

  • Funds raised in the last year -

    • INR 18 Cr. funds were raised, the break up is as follows from alumni directly INR 4 Cr., Non-alumni 4 Cr., CSR 10 Cr. IITK has caught up with the other IITs in being able to get the positive response from the alumni. We need to now take it ahead to the next level.

  • Fund requests for a cause -

    • It has always been a request from many of the alumni to be able to fund for a cause for alumni or the Institute. DORA has set up this to take care of both cases. Early May one of our own alumni was in emergency need of 20 L ($30,000). This was set up on the portal and launched within 48 hr. Alumni responded very well to it and the required amount was raised in less than a week. Great job by coordinating members for this.

  • Incubation centre at Bangalore and Noida -

    • Noida incubation centre basic guidelines are ready.

      • Prof. Sameer Khandekar & Prof. B. V. Phani are leading this from the Institute side.

      • We shall need one or more funds to look at and support these set ups.

      • The Core team for Noida is crystallized led by Mr. Chand Das and Mr. Saurabh Chandra.

    • Bangalore Incubation Center -

      • Though process and working model worked along with Prof. B. V. Phani.

      • The Core team at Bangalore is led by Mr. J. S. Sharma and Mr. Rakesh Misra.

      • Subrata, Accel has come forward to assist in an early start.

Collaborative and information sharing within the Alumni.

  • We have a number of methods to share and reach out the fellow alumni. As AA IITK we shall review and strengthen based on the participation in them.

    • Website

      • Facelift of the current website ongoing with the help of DoRA office.

      • All chapters shall get integrated over this and we shall reduce multiple registrations.

      • Chapter heads may contact Mr. Prakash Rastogi. He is leading this effort.

    • Email Groups

      • The chapter wise email groups continue. However with many more mediums, their effectiveness needs to be supported with other methods as well.

      • All Email Admins shall have look at how to keep them interesting and interactive.

    • Facebook

      • Feed Integration with IITK’s official page (ongoing).

      • Feedback and interactions are welcome from all members.

      • We shall try to get one topic in a fortnight where alumni may share their perspectives and approaches.

    • Whatsapp groups

      • Chapter groups are getting active and focused.

      • IITK entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

      • Dolphin Tank for all mentors who may seek to support with their experience.

      • Interested members are welcome to join these specific interest groups.

  • Business events SMC Startup master class and SEE, Social entrepreneur and enterprises are getting converted into running programs at the Chapter level. Mr. Shailendra Agarwal has mooted Angel Fund of 1 Cr. at Pune for AA IITK start-ups at Pune. We appreciate these efforts as they start and gather momentum with time.

  • Request the chapters not yet listed or accredited may reach out at

Planned Activities for the year 2017

17th Jun

IIT Bay area leadership

17th Jun

PAN IIT meet at Tokyo

22nd Jul

Digital India event at Bangalore

26th Aug

Gala dinner, Bay Area

12th Aug

East coast, Annual picnic

16th Sep

SMC at Pune

14th Oct

SMC at Bangalore

14th Nov

Noida PAN IIT meet at Delhi

Feedback and inputs as expectation from alumni association and the institute both are welcome at -


Mr. Pradeep Bhargava
AA IITK President
+91 - 9945777200