FAQ on AA for the nomination of DAA/SDA/YAA


1. Is it possible to nominate anonymously?

No, it is not possible

2. Suppose it is not possible to nominate anonymously, then will the nominator information be publicly released or will be kept only with the administrators.

The nominator information is never released publicly or privately, even the committee reviewing these nominations will not be made privy to this information as this may bias the decision.

3. Will, there be any alumni reunion surrounding the award or the event is solely standalone on the foundation day.

It is done on foundation day, in case the concerned batch wishes to have a reunion, we will be more than happy to accommodate the request and facilitate the same

4. Is there any limit on the number of persons a single nominator can nominate?

No there is no limit

5. What happens when multiple persons nominate the same person …if the nominator info has to be disclosed then who becomes the nominator …all or first

Nominator information is never disclosed