Recognition of Alumni Achievements - A Concept Note:

The institute currently recognizes alumni achievements and through two awards 1. Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) open to only IITK Alumni & 2. Satyendra K Dubey Award (SDA) open to Pan IIT Alumni. The DAA recognizes the achievements of alumni which bring glory and prestige to their alma mater and the SDA recognizes professional integrity and honesty in public service and is open to alumni of all IIT’s.  DAA was instituted in 1989, since then the number of Alumni have also increased significantly.

It is proposed that there is a need for broadening the scope of such Awards to be more inclusive and recognize Alumni Achievements and Contributions by instituting two more categories of awards.

  1. Distinguished Service Award (DSA)
  2. Young Alumnus Award (YAA)

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is proposed to recognize the efforts of alumni doing exemplary service to further the institute stature and standing. These individuals act as an army of invisible goodwill ambassadors in various fields and augment and support the institute’s efforts in various ways like facilitating project collaborations, academic collaborations, industry collaborations, alumni interaction, student workshops, student mentoring, summer projects, fundraising, placements, etc.

Their nominations for these awards will be proposed by the director in consultation with heads, deans, alumni association, distinguished alumni and forwarded to the BoG for their approval.

The evaluation committee for DSA is proposed to be as follows:

  1. Director (Chairman)
  2. DoRA (Convener)
  3. Two Distinguished Alumnus (Nominated by Director, Member)
  4. Faculty Member (Non-Alumnus, Member)
  5. Faculty Member (Alumnus, Member)
  6. President Alumni Association (Member)

The Young Alumnus Awards (YAA) on the other hand is proposed to recognize those Alumni who are less than 40 yrs of age and contribute significantly, achieve exemplary recognition and distinguish themselves during the early stages of their career in their chosen domain bringing glory to their alma mater.

There will be an open call for nominations for these awards in line with the existing DAA awards.

The evaluation committee for YAA is proposed to be as follows:

  1. Director (Chairman)
  2. DoRA (Convener)
  3. Two Young Alumni (Age < 40 yrs, Nominated by Director, Member)
  4. Young IITK Faculty (Age < 40 yrs, Non-Alumnus, Member)
  5. Young IITK Faculty Member (Age < 40 yrs, Alumnus, Member)
  6. President Alumni Association (Member)
  7. DoFA

Both these awards will carry a plaque and a citation and may be presented during the annual DAA & SDA Award Ceremony. It is initially proposed that 2 such awards may be constituted for both the proposed categories to be awarded each year and these awards may not be presented posthumously.