Shri Atul Srivastava

June 11, 2020 no comments

Loss of alumnus Shri Atul Srivastava. He was serving as the Director (Personnel), SAIL. Known for his leadership qualities & his work in the field of HR

Ms. Kalpana Mehta

June 8, 2020 no comments

Remembering our alumna Ms Kalpana Mehta, first women graduate from the AE, Dept. An indomitable women's rights activist, she will be remembered for the lifelong work she did for the women empowerment & right

Prof. Anil K Jain, Prof. Jitendra Malik, Prof. Vijay Kumar

June 5, 2020 no comments

Prof. Anil K Jain, University Distinguished Prof in the Dept of CSE at has topped the list of the leading scientist in the World Ranking of Top Computer Scientists 2020 for the third consecutive time.

Following him in the Top 100 Computer Scientists are other IITKians Prof. Jitendra Malik, Arthur J. Chick Professor of EE & CS & Prof. Vijay Kumar, Nemirovsky Family Dean of Penn Engineering, Dept of ME & Applied Mechanics, Computer & Information Science.

Dr. V. Palaniappan

June 5, 2020 no comments

IIT Kanpur alumnus Dr. V. Palaniappan (PHD/CHM/1988) has been appointed as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for Aruvant Science Inc.

Mr. Sirish Bajpai

June 1, 2020 no comments

IIT Kanpur alumnus Mr Sirish Bajpai (BT/EE/88) has been appointed as the Chief Technical Officer(CTO) for Pitstop. Congratulations Sir!

Dr. Abdul Qayum

May 7, 2020 no comments

Dr. Abdul Qayum @drqayumiitk (BT/CE/2008) achieves yet another feat. On National Civil Service Day, 21st April, 2020 Dr. Qayum was honored as 'India's Noted Officers'. He was was recognized and honored for his relentless service and commitment to the Nation

Dr. Amit Singh Chauhan

May 2, 2020 no comments

Dr. Amit Singh Chauhan (IITK alumnus) creates a NatureS Box, a bin with special coating that would kill pathogens living in bins. NatureS Box would be effective in managing cleanliness of litter bins especially in public places.

Prof. Srivatsan Seergazhi Gopalan

May 1, 2020 no comments

Prof. Srivatsan Seergazhi Gopalan (PhD/CHM/2003) on receiving the Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI) Bronze medal for 2020. The Medal recognizes his eminent contributions in the area of biophysics and chemistry of nucleic acids.

Prof. Rishikesha Krishnan

April 8, 2020 no comments

Prof Rishikesha Krishnan(MSc/PHY/1986) has been appointed as the Director of IIM, Bangalore. Prof Krishnan is an author, columnist & professor of management who focuses on strategy & innovation. Wishing him success for his new role. !

Dr. Ajay Bhushan Pandey

March 4, 2020 no comments

Dr. Ajay Bhushan Pandey has been appointed as the new Finance Secretary. He has successfully run important institutions like, the Department of Revenue, the Goods and Services Tax Network and the Unique Identification Authority of India. He brought in many crucial reforms and new policies in these institutions. We are proud of our alumnus and heartily congratulate him !


February 14, 2020 no comments

It gives us a great pleasure to announce that our alumnus, Dr. Abdul Qayum (BT/CE/2008) has been felicitated with National Awards for eGovernance 2020. This award is in recognition of the work he did in Arunachal Pradesh towards reducing the number of forests fire cases.

Dr. Arvind Krishna

January 31, 2020 no comments

It is with great pleasure Alumni association announces that our Distinguished Alumnus Awardee 2019, Dr Arvind Krishna (BT/EE/1985) has been named as the CEO of IBM Corp. . Congratulations


October 18, 2019 no comments Shobhit

Mr. Udai P. Singh has been awarded the Distinguished Service Medal award from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for his contribution and service to the civil engineering profession in Asia.

Mr. Vikas Kumar

September 11, 2019 no comments Shobhit

Mr. Vikas Kumar (BT/CE/1997) has been honored with the prestigious ‘Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Investigation’ for 2019.

Mr. Manish Tandon

September 11, 2019 no comments Shobhit

Mr. Manish Tandon (BT/EE/1989) has been recognized as “CEO of the Year 2019” by CMO Asia.

Dr. Atish Dabholkar

August 5, 2019 no comments Amarjeet
Until 2010, he was a professor of theoretical physics at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai.

*Atish Dabholkar to lead Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics*

Atish Dabholkar, a theoretical physicist from India, has been appointed as the new director of Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy.

He is currently the head of ICTP’s high energy, cosmology and astroparticle physics section. He joined the centre in 2014 on secondment from Sorbonne Université and the National Center for Scientific Research, where he has been a research director since 2007. Mr. Dabholkar will take up his duties as ICTP director with the rank of Assistant Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). He will succeed Fernando Quevedo, who has led the centre since 2009.

“It’s an honour and a great responsibility to be chosen as ICTP’s next director. ICTP is a one-of-a-kind institution with a very high level of research and a unique global mission for international cooperation through science. It was envisioned as an international hub for excellence in science and as an anchor to build scientific capacity and a culture of science around the globe. This vision remains valid today even after five decades, but needs to be implemented keeping in mind changing realities and priorities,” he said in a statement.

Born in 1963, Mr. Dabholkar completed his school education at Gargoti in Kolhapur district. He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. He got a Ph.D in theoretical physics from Princeton University, followed by postdoctoral and research positions at Rutgers University, Harvard University, and California Institute of Technology. Until 2010, he was a professor of theoretical physics at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai, and has been a visiting professor at Stanford University and a visiting scientist at CERN.

Mr. Dabholkar is well-known for his research on string theory and quantum black holes. “Research at these new frontiers is an ongoing quest for a more complete and unified formulation of the laws of nature. The work of our founding director Abdus Salam on electroweak unification was an important milestone in this direction,” he said.

He has received many honours, including Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award (2006). He is an elected member of the Indian Academy of Science and was awarded the IIM National Leadership Award as a ‘Young Leader in Science’ in 2007 by the President of India. In 2007, he received the Chair of Excellence Award from the National Research Agency (ANR) in France. Founded in 1964 by the late Nobel Laureate, Abdus Salam, ICTP has been a driving force behind global efforts to advance scientific expertise in the developing world. Each year, more than 6,000 scientists from around the world visit ICTP for its academic, training and sabbatical opportunities. It operates under a tripartite agreement between the Italian government, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the UNESCO. It is a UNESCO category 1 institute.

Prof. Dheeraj Sanghi

January 19, 2019 no comments Amarjeet

Our faculty and alumnus Prof. Dheeraj Sanghi (BT/CSE/1986) has been appointed as the Director of the Punjab Engineering College.

Prof. Siddharth Ramachandran

January 19, 2019 no comments Amarjeet

Our alumnus Prof. Siddharth Ramachandran (BT/MME/1991) has been honored for being selected as the Fellow of SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, for achievements in fiber optics with higher order modes.

Dr. Debabrata Goswami

January 19, 2019 no comments Amarjeet

Our alumnus and faculty Dr. Debabrata Goswami (MSc2/CHM/1988) has been honored as the 2019 SPIE Fellow for achievements in femtosecond pulse shaping & NLO for exploitation in cross-disciplinary areas.

Ms. Jonaki Ray

January 19, 2019 no comments Amarjeet

Our alumna Ms. Jonaki Ray (MSc5/CHM/1996) has been honored with the 2019 Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award.

Dr. Yogesh S. Chauhan

November 22, 2018 no comments Amarjeet

Dr. Yogesh S. Chauhan (MT/EE/2003) has been selected for the Swarnajayanti Fellowship.