Visitor’s Hostel & Allied Facilities

Accomodation required (Tick the appropriate column):

Norms, Guidelines and other Information

Booking Procedures:

  • a) For Booking of normal facilities, forms will have to be directly submitted at the reception of Visitors' Hostel duly forwarded by the respective HoD.
  • b) In case of Institute Guest or Deluxe Rooms, forms will have to be routed through Dy. Director

▢ No Telephonic bookings / cancellation will be entertained

▢ This booking is purely provisional. and subject to availability.

▢ Priority is given to institute employees/students, followed by campus residence and other entitle individual/groups.

▢ Students should get their requisition forms duly forwarded by their warden/ DOSA/ HODs respectively.

▢ Tariff: See circular placed on the Website (

Visitor Categories for Tariff purpose:


  • a) Institute Guests as Directors, Members of External Committee, Examiner, Invited Speakers, Departments Guests/Invitees etc. (Charges paid from Institute Main Account or Departmental Main Account)
  • b) Important Guest of Chairman, BOG/Director.
  • c) IITK Faculty/Staff
  • d) Others (Approved by the Director/Deputy Director)


  • a) Faculty and Staff of other IITs/Engineering Colleges/University
  • b) Visitors Connected with IITK work (Conference/Seminars Short Courses / Workshops / Sponsored/ Consultancy/Project, JEE/GATE etc).
  • c) Retired IITK Employees/IITK Alumni
  • d) Relative/Guest of IITK Faculty/Staff
  • e) Parents/Guardians/Spouse of Students
  • f) Others (Approved by the Director/Deputy Director)


  • a) Guest of Neighbouring Educational Institutions
  • b) Visitors of Other Government /Public Sector Organization
  • c) Others (Approved by the Director/Deputy Director)

▢ Check-in, Check-out time : 24 Hrs

▢ Advance booking of Lunch and Dinner can be made as follows at the Dining Hall : (Lunch by 9:00 Hrs, Dinner by 14:00 Hrs)

▢ Food / meals will be served only in the dinning hall. No room services will be provided.

▢ Consumption of Narcotics/Alcoholic drinks etc is strictly prohibited.

▢ Stay is allowed at the entire responsibility of the guest(s). No claims for Loss / damage or lapse of service will be entertained at any stage.

▢ The room shall be allotted on the condition, that, if necessary, the allottee shall have no objection for sharing accommodation with another guest.

▢ Please inform the reception about your departure date & time or any other change of schedule well in advance.

▢ The guest should verify and certify the final bill before departure.

▢ The allottee should vacate the room on the expiry of the period for which accommodation was allotted, unless an extension for further stay has been obtained beforehand

▢ The cancellation, if any, should be notified at least 24 Hrs in advance, failing which 25% of the tariff/user charges or the actual tariff / user charges shall be deducted / levied

▢ Male visitors, other than family members are not allowed in the rooms occupied by female guests and vice-versa

▢ It is suggested that the room may be got swept in the presence of the guest only

▢ Please switch off the AC, geyser, fan, lights while not in use/leaving the room.

▢ All charges are to be paid in cash/local cheque/credit card at the Front Office, VH, IIT-K.

▢ Addresses of other Location(s): Visitors Hostel Service Apartment, H.No. J-1940, Chittaranjan Park Colony, New Delhi., Ph.No.011-41329634 Fax No: 011-4160-1684.