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Lecture Series
The Lecture Series section displays the various lectures series that are initiated at IIT Kanpur. Lectures are deliver to the Institute academic community, so that they can share the excitement of research with others. Majority of them have been initiated with the help of alumni.


The Kelkar Alumni Lecture is formal recognition to a person known in short as P K K who has made distinct contribution to the technical education in the country through building and developing IITK. Furthermore, this occasion provides an opportunity to introduce our new students, staff and the faculty that person – Dr Purushottam Kashinath Kelkar.

Dr P K Kelkar was a great visionary, had the will to achieve his dreams and knew how to make dreams happen in reality. It is this combination of a dreamer, missionary and doer in him that led him to successfully plan for the kind of technical education that matured into IIT Kanpur precisely 41 years ago. Dr Kelkar started IIT Kanpur in December 1959 in a borrowed room in the Canteen Building of the Harcourt Butler Technological Institute at Agricultural Gardens in Kanpur. The beginning of the Institute was thus like a small stream which has now grown into a full river that is irrigating the whole world. This would not have been possible without the visionary leadership of Dr Kelkar.

   Past Kelkar Alumni Lectures
S No Speaker Topic Secretary Date
1 Prof Jai Krishna
Eminent Civil Engineer &
Earthquake Engineering Expert
Progress of Earthquake Engineering Research Dr J P Gupta
Mar 3, 1979
2 Mr B V Chandiramani Engineer and Educationist Technical Education in India Dr J P Gupta Feb 10, 1980
3 Prof Norman C Dahl
Founder Director, Kanpur Indo American Programme
The Role of IIT's in 1980   Dr J P Gupta Dec 28, 1980
4 Dr C N R Rao
Director, IISc, Banglore
Excellence – Kelkar’s Dream Dr S P Mehrotra
Oct 2, 1983
5 Dr Raja Ramanna
Chairman, Atomic Energy
Role of Nuclear power In India Dr D Kunzru
Jan 5, 1985
6 Prof M G K Menon
Scientific Advisor to the Prime
Social responsibilities of the
Scientific Community
Dr D Kunzru
Sep 6, 1986
7 Mr N A Palkihivala
Sr Advocate,
Supreme Court of India
Education and Culture, Science and
Dr Sanjay Gupta
Mar 7, 1987
8 Mr S L Bahuguna
The ecological crisis and the
Direction of Technology to face it.
Dr Sanjay Gupta
Jan 31, 1988
9 Mr R K Laxman
History of Political Satire in cartoons Dr Anil Kumar
Mar 25, 1989
10 Mr Shyam Benegal
Film Director
Cinema, Television and India Dr Anil Kumar
Mar 24, 1990
11 Mr J P Sethi
Jaipur Foot Fame
The Technology of Medicine Dr CVR Murthy
Nov 2, 1991
12 Dr Irfan Habib
Role of Reason in Our Civilization Dr CVR Murthy
Sep 26, 1992
13 Mr Arun Shourie
Maintaining Islands of Excellence
in an Environment Such as ours
Dr P K Kalra
Feb 20, 1993
14 Mr Laurie Baker
Architecture: Work or Way of life Dr P K Kalra
Jan 22, 1994
15 Dr Lekha Pathak
Affairs of the heart Dr P K Kalra
Jan 28, 1995
16 Dr Jayant V Narlikar
Astronomy and the Widening
Horizons of Knowledge
Dr Vinod Tare
Jan 19, 1997
17 Dr Najma Heptulla
Dy Chairperson, Rajya Sabha
Golden Jubilee of Independence And Vision for the next millennium Dr Vinod Tare
18 Dr C Rangarajan
Governor Andhra Pradesh and
Former governor RBI,
An eminent economist
Science Technology and Economic Growth Dr Vinod Tare
Mar 20, 1999
19 Dr K Subrahmanyam
Defense Analyst
Consulting Editor (Times of
India & the Economic Times)
Indian Nuclear Doctrine Dr Vinod Tare
Jan 22, 2000
20 Dr Anil Kakodkar
Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission & Secretary To the Government of India,
Department of Atomic Energy
Strategies for the Development of Thorium Based Power Systems Dr Sanjeev Bhargava,
2000 - 2002
Dec 30, 2000
21 Dr S R Rao
Former Deputy Director General,
Archeological Survey of India
Archeology sheds new Light on the less known aspects of Civilizations Dr Sanjeev Bhargava,
2000 - 2002
Jan 6, 2002
22 Dr Bindeshwar Pathak
Founder, Sulabh International Social Service Organization
Endeavors In Environmental Sanitation Dr Ashok Khanna
2002 - 2004
Apr 04, 2004
23 Mr. Arvind Kejriwal
Founder, Parivartan
Right to Information- a tool for holding Government accountable Dr Vinayak Eswaran
2006 - 2008
Mar 25, 2006
24 Mr. Gurcharan Das
Fmr CEO of Proctor and Gamble, author of India Unbound, and The Elephant Paradigm, columnist with The Sunday Times
India's Future Dr Vinayak Eswaran
2006 - 2008
Mar 17, 2007
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