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 General Guidelines for Getting Started for your Batch's Reunion

Contact Details
Alumni Association Office
Room No 207,
Outreach 69 & 80 Building,
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kanpur – 208016
Phone Nos: 91-512-2594403,
06, 07

Visitor Hostel phone Nos. 91-512-2597209, 7202 and call will be diverted to the


Register for the reunion
Please click here to register.


Tracing batch-mates
Please update addresses and contact details of every batch mates by visiting The Alumni Association will help you in this endeavor. Please write to Alumni Association at The Alumni Association is also trying to get in touch with the maximum number of your batch-mates. book


Building up the Tempo
Please start organizing small get together of batch mates in India, US, Canada etc. so that the tempo starts picking up.


Family Participation
We encourage family participation at the reunions. Wives and children have been enjoying the Reunions very well. Alumni Association organizes special entertainment programs for them. The glider joy rides are arranged for them during this period. They also participate in the Cultural Show put up by the batch. Be sure to include your entire family in your


Reaching Kanpur
Kanpur is very well connected to major cities of India. Please go through the
transportation section to find out the list of important trains and flights. Alumni Association makes arrangements to pick you up from Kanpur Railway station. Please inform us your travel itinerary (including your train Number, Arrival time at Kanpur Railway Station and the number of persons accompanying you) through the Alumni Association website
( or through email to Taxis can be arranged for pick up from the Lucknow Airport on request basis. The Institute buses are kept ready for movements within the


Once you send us your travel itineraries, accommodation is arranged by AA, in the Visitor Hostel and Visiting Faculty Apartments. Alumni coming alone need to share the rooms with their batch mates if the number of participants is high.



Trains to Kanpur

Indian Railways

Trains/Fare/Reservation Availability Status between Important Stations

Some Convenient Trains

List of Trains from Delhi to Kanpur ( from

It is better to catch Lucknow Shatabdi Exp. (Tain no. 2036) leaving Delhi at 6:15am and reaching Kanpur at 11:20am. Tickets for Chair car and Executive class are usually available on the New Delhi Railway Station also (ticket counter is outside exit from Platform no. 14). Ticket counter opens at 4:30am till 6:00am for this train.

Else one can also take faster trains like Rajdhani Trains (please see RJDHNI or RJDHANI or RAJDHANI beside train name in this list)


Activities you should plan for
A. Professional:
You are expected to:

  1. share your experiences with the campus community i.e. the faculty, staff and students of IITK in the form of a panel discussion. The panelists will be chosen by the batch itself.
  2. Those of you wishing to give professional seminars should send their requests to the Alumni Association who will forward them to the concerned Departmental Heads.

B. Fun Stuff:
The batch is expected to put up a Cultural Show. Most of it will be impromptu. In the past, such Cultural Shows have been big hits among students and you may expect a jam-packed


Grand Reunion Dinner
A dinner is hosted by the batch which is called the Grand Reunion Dinner, will be sponsored by the batch. The batch mates and their families, teachers (present and past), the past and the present presidents, vice presidents, secretaries and the treasurers of the Alumni Association will be the invitees for the dinner. In the past, the total number of guests for the Reunion Dinner has been around 400. Cutting the Reunion Cake, serving drinks, arranging for an ongoing musical program, interalia, could constitute parts of the Reunion


Donation of Funds to IITK
Those of you desiring to donate funds to IITK may get in touch Prof. Prabhat Munshi, Dean Resources and Alumni (DORA) at, who will guide you in choosing projects for funding from among those identified by IITK. Those of you desiring to sponsor one or more editions of Alumni Newsletter either in soft copy form or in printed copy form may please get in touch with the Alumni Association. Those of you desiring to donate funds to Alumni Association may also contact the Alumni


Costs that are to be borne by participants
Costs to be borne by participants, in addition to the registration fee to be paid to Alumni Association,the Association captures pictures of the entire event and presents it to all the attendies in a set of2 DVDs. book