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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Registration fee for reunion ?


The Golden Jubilee Reunion/ Silver Jubilee Reunion/ 35th Year Reunion/ registration fees are Rs 12,000/- per alumnus (irrespective of alumni coming with family or alone). This fee is towards the cost of accommodation, meals, transport (drop/pickup to Kanpur railway station and local travel inside campus), some souvenirs, a set of DVDs covering the video and photos of the reunion events. These reunions are partially supported by the Institute through the office of DORA.
Any other reunion like 20th Year / 30th Year / 40th Year Reunions are not supported by DORA. The registration fees will be Rs. 12,000 for alumni coming alone and Rs. 15,000 for alumni with spouse/family.  The batch can also discuss how they are going to pool in this registration fees.


What is the Batch Contribution fee for reunion?


Apart from the Registration fees, Batch Contribution is being collected by the batch coordinators towards Grand Reunion Dinner, batch gifts, hard drinks and invitations to professionals for cultural activities.

1b. What are the modes of Registration fee payment?

The Reunion Fee can be paid by a credit card/ cheque or in cash. If you are using credit card, we accept payment in both US dollars and INR. However for payments being made by cheques or cash, only INR is acceptable. You can pay by cash on your arrival.

1c. Is the Registration fee refunded if alumni cancel their participation?

We do refund the registration fee if an alumnus does not turn up for the reunion after registration.

1d. How can an alumnus Pre-Register for the reunion?

An alumnus can send an email to or pre-register by giving the first name and roll number at

2a. Is Transport or Taxi arrangements Pickup/Drop to Kanpur Railway station arranged?

The Alumni Association (AA) will be arranging for the pickup/drop off from/to Kanpur railway station. You need not pay for this. Please confirm your arrival/departure schedule at the time of pre-registration / registration.  
We will arrange a big bus if many people are coming/ going together in Shatabdi/ Shram Shakti/ other trains. And taxies for isolated alumni coming/going alone or without families.

2b. Is Transport or Taxi arrangements made to/from Lucknow Airport?

If you require this facility from Lucknow Airport or any other place, you will have to make the payment directly to the taxi driver. Alumni Association can arrange Taxi.
There will be a few taxis available during the reunions for going around the campus, please get in touch with the control room for availing the service of these taxis.

3a. Is Accommodation arranged for alumni and their families?

All the reunion attendees will be accommodated in the Visitors Hostel (VH) and its Allied Facilities at IITK. Alumni coming with their spouses/families will be given a separate room. Since a large number of alumni will be coming, some strategies are used to accommodate them and Batch coordinators will be assisting the Alumni Association office in the room allotment.

3b. Accommodation for  our car drivers?

Accommodation for accompanying drivers can be arranged in the Visitors Hostel Extension, on a strictly sharing basis. They can have their meals in the hostel messes.

4. What should I do after coming to IITK?

Proceed towards Visitors’ Hostel and checkin to your room. Registration process is carried out at the Control room in VH or Outreach Building. It consists of paying the fees and filling up the Registration, Data Update and Departure forms given in the Reunion Kit and collecting your Life Membership card of the Alumni Association.
On your arrival, if you have already paid your fees online then quote your transaction id. Kindly collect the payment receipt and Identity badges for you and your family members.

5. Whom should we contact for Housekeeping?

All complaints/issues regarding room amenities like lights, air conditioners, mosquito repellents, bathroom, fitting, upholstery, replenishing the tea/coffee supply should be directed to VH housekeeping whose internal No. is 8171. You can dial from the phone in your room.  The VH does not have your room key, so house keeping has to be arranged in your presence
For any other need such as Laundry services, special tours, cab booking, drinking water, dietary needs please contact the front reception or the Reunion Control room setup in the VH.

6. What are the arrangement for Hard drinks?

Alumni Association will send a letter mentioning about the reunion gathering and a DD of the required amount to the Excise, Dept., UP Govt. for necessary permission. Caterers engaged for preparing meals will make other arrangements for serving drinks. The cost is borne by the batch.

7. What are the amusements for family members?

Alumni Association office will write to P E Section / Sports In-charge seeking permission for limited use of stadium, games and sports facilities at New SAC and other facilities for alumni and family members. No-mark shoes are mandatory for indoor games.
Glider joy rides are available at the airstrip for a payment of Rs. 500 per ride and the payment is to be made there to the concerned officials. The ride operates from 10 am till 5 pm subject to weather conditions. Alumni Association will send a letter to Flight incharge who will then arrange for the pilot for taking alumni and their family members for Glider Joy rides. Taxies/ buses will be arranged for taking alumni to airstrip. However a walk from the airstrip back to VH is highly recommended to enjoy the flora and fauna of IIT campus.

8. Are there any Medical Facilities available if required?

The Institute has a health centre to impart prompt medical attention. Medical Officers will attend to the Alumni/ family members on need basis. In case of emergencies ambulance can be arranged.

9. Can we have Breakfast / Lunch in Halls?

Alumni Association office will write to Warden Incharge and Mess manager of the Hall where breakfast / lunch is to be arranged.

10. Can Music instruments be arranged?

Alumni Association office will coordinate with the students’ music club in case batch requires any music instruments and support artists. There are many artists in Kanpur for ghazals and yester year bollywood songs for entertainment. Alumni Association can invite them on behalf of the batch.

11. Can we invite former faculty/staff of the institute of our time?

Alumni Association office will send invitation to former faculty on behalf of the Batch.

12. We want to invite professional performers. Can boarding and lodging be arranged for troupe coming from outside?

If the batch wishes for entertainment from any troupe from outside the campus, Alumni Association will arrange for boarding and lodging for them, normally in the houses in the campus (type 2,3,4,5 or 6) or Halls (guest rooms), VH extension, Community centre and VH for the main performers.

13. Where are the ATMs in campus?

ATMs of State Bank of India and Union Bank are present in the shopping center and in front of Hall 3 marked on the campus map provided.

14. Where can I buy basic amenities?

All articles of daily use and common medicines can be bought from the shopping center. It also has the campus restaurant (formerly known as Red Rose), book shops, bakery shops general stores, photocopy facilities and travel agent.

15. Where can I get Mineral water?

Mineral water bottles can be obtained from the Control Room of VH.

16. Where can I get this information about some professors?

Contact information of IITK professors can be obtained from the directory service by calling 7210 from an internal phone or use the following link:

17. What are the places to go around in the campus?

A plethora of new places have emerged since the time you passed out while most of the old places have still managed to retain those lingering memories. Some of the suggested get away are:-

  • OAT
  • New SAC and indoor Gymnasium
  • Solar Plant
  • New Halls of Residence
  • P K Kelkar Library
  • Lecture Hall Complex (New and old)
  • BSBE Building
  • Samtel
  • National Wind Tunnel Facility
  • SIDBI Innovation & Incubation Centre
  • Institute Nursery
  • Environmental Science Building
  • Air Strip
  • Helicopter Building
  • Computer Science Building
  • Motwani Building
  • Park 1967

You will be given a campus map on your arrival with the registration kit, the map can be viewed at

18. What is the Checkout process?

As part of the checkout you need to deposit your room keys at the reception counter of VH, return all the items issued and pickup a kit if you have not collected during the Facilitation program. The kit consists of Reunion Group photo and other souvenirs.