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Alumni Association (AA) of IIT Kanpur (IITK) is a registered body (under the Society Registration Act, 1860) of the Alumni of IITK with the aim to promote networking amongst the alumni and IITK for mutual progress and welfare. The AA is an independent organization and runs its affairs through limited resources available from the interest accrued from the corpus, donations and other sources.

With the growing alumni strength and the recognition that the AA has received through its activities and positive contributions in previous years, there is a growing need that AA enhances the activities and reaches out to, as many alumni as possible, across the globe.

The AA currently has a corpus of about Rs. 1.13 crores with an interest income of about Rs. 10 lakhs per annum, barely making the two ends meet. The falling interest rates constraint many activities and even sustenance of current activities has become a challenge. The Board of Directors (BOD), 2012-2014 has discussed this issue of depleting resources and has decided that the resources have to be enhanced on priority.

The AA has decided to approach its alumni for resource generation. Keeping the larger interest of alumni and objectives of AA in view, the AA solicits donation and support for the following new activities. It is proposed to generate a corpus of Rs 50 lakhs for each of these activities and use the interest income for promoting these activities.

Strengthening Alumni Association

The Alumni Association organizes various activities and events including reunions, facilitates Chapter get-togethers, organizes student alumni Interaction sessions, publishes Alumni Newsletter, maintains the database of alumni and runs a souvenir shop, with the interest earned from the corpus of about Rs. 1.3 crores being barely enough to carry the day-to-day operations of the office. Your active support towards financial independence, will go a long way and help strengthen the AA.

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Alumni Student Interaction

The connection between the alumni and the students, is one of the major goals of the Alumni Association. In fact, the students need and deserve this interaction the most. This initiative will enable the students to keep the connect with the alumni, for mentoring students, and other activities that help student emotional wellness and better prepare them for the real world, general awareness about the world outside and many more. The activity will help in inviting alumni to visit the campus, interact with the students, share and guide the students.

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Chapter Development

The local chapters play a pivotal role in networking of the alumni within a region. The chapter development is indispensable to promote quick interaction among the alumni and share the bond of oneness in any part of the world. This will include promoting various chapter activities, initializing and supporting new chapters, information dissemination and be in unison with other chapters. This will require a great deal of coordination and travel by the AA to be able to keep in touch with Alumni and understand their needs, which will require resources.

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Social Initiatives

Beyond the regular frame of work of the Alumni Association activities, the Association has been taking up various social initiatives related to the alumni and the society at large. The AA supports various social awareness initiatives taken up by the alumni and IITK community, various initiatives have also been launched to help the alumni or their family members in their hour of need.

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